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Stephen Woroniecki

Doctoral Candidate working on Sustainability and Climate Change


My doctoral research focusses on Nature-based Solutions to Climate Change Adaptation in Sri Lanka. Using a power-based analysis, I explore the potential of such solutions to facilitate empowerment of the most climate-vulnerable groups. Broadly speaking, my work contributes to incorporating relational and plural approaches into Sustainability Science. To this end, I am also collaborating on projects linking Sustainability to relational approaches, Arts and Humanities, and epistemological pluralism.


I also contribute to sustainability teaching at Lund University. Aside from more ad-hoc lectures, workshops and seminars, I have co-coordinated courses at the Master's level (Science and Politics of Climate Change) and Bachelors level (Sustainability Science, Concepts, Challenges and Approaches). I have pursued the opportunities to engage with audiences outside of the University, and thus far I have run labs, workshops and other interactive sessions with a variety of audiences (students, young people, policy-makers, and civil society).


I have an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Ecological Science with Conservation Management from the University of Edinburgh, and a Master’s degree in Social-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development from Stockholm University. 

Before my PhD I worked in the Climate Change and Biodiversity programme of UN Environment-World Conservation Monitoring Centre, working to support the UN-REDD programme on issues of spatial planning, safeguards and multiple benefits as well as on Ecosystem-based Adaptation to climate change (EbA). I have experience working in Britain, Mexico, Kenya, Tanzania, Peru, and Nepal on a variety of issues with the common theme of nature-society interactions.


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