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DICE aims to impact climate governance and actions for sustainable transformation.

Within the project, we use Professor Mark Reed's defintion of impact as a starting point: The good researchers can do in the world, from Fast Track Impact.

The main impacts DICE will aim to achieve are: scientifc impact, understanding and awareness, policy, capacity and preparedness and other forms of decision-making and behavour change impacts.

Within the project, we will focus on three pillars as a means to achieve impact:

Scientific and policy contributions

Scientifc contributions to research on L&D, and to policies and regulations that advance climate governance.

Societal dialgoue 

Communication and activities to advance the dialagoue and understanding of L&D and its impact on people, who it affects, how and why and at what scale.

Capacity building 

Activities to build capacity among the climate change community to engage with research on L&D and transformational challenges.



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