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Outreach and Impact

Advancing the societal dialogue on sustainability
Policy, Capacity Building and Education and Awareness are the three pillars of our outreach and impact programme. The programme consists of a range of different activities and events from the local to the global level and with a focus on various challenges in different parts of the world. Many of the activities are focused on education and awareness raising, which we see as essential for a sustainable future.

Policy impact

LUCSUS' impact related activities consist of open lectures, political meetings with policy makers at different levels, news articles and policy briefs highligting sustainability issues. Through these activities, we not only communicate our research to society - but also strive to influence policy and decision making processes.

Capacity Building

A core value in sustainability science is the inclusion of non-academic actors into the research process. We not only communicate our research to society - but also pursue the research in close collaboration with various stakeholders. We collaborate with universities in the Global South, both in research and teaching.

Education and Awareness

In our education and awareness-building activities, we have a strong focus on young people and we are engaged in several activites for high school students. We collaborate with Sydvatten, a municipal company producing drinking water for a major part of south of Sweden. Together, LUCSUS and Sydvatten, organise a number of yearly courses and events around sustainability issues, especially water issues, aimed at high school students.


We are not only focusing on scientific publications to communicate and disseminate our research. We also use social media, videos and other public material.

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