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Genesis T. Yengoh


Ongoing research

Enabling the use of global data sources to assess and monitor land degradation at multiple scales

Project Objective: To provide guidance, methods and a toolbox for assessing and monitoring status and trends in land degradation using remote sensing technology which can be employed to inform land management and investment decisions as well as to improve reporting to the UNCCD and the GEF. The project is being implemented in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Senegal.

Alternatives to the current model of engagement between large-scale land investors and local communities in Africa

Project Objectives: Develop alternative models and typologies of engagement between local communities that host land investment projects and large-scale land investors, as well as stakeholders in other land-based activities; Examine opportunities offered by these models of engagement by testing them in case studies; Engage with relevant stakeholders in identifying possibilities through which such alternative models can be mainstreamed into local, national and international policies on large-scale land investments.

Equity and institutions in sustainable African intensification

Project Objectives: Analyze patterns of small-holder intensification in Zambia, Tanzania and Malawi from a sustainability perspective. Findings will be contextualized at district level as well as within national agricultural policies, processes of institutional change, the changing landscape of risk and broader demographic and socio-economic shifts.


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