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Ebba Brink

PhD Candidate - Member of LUCID Research School

Current Research

My PhD project investigates the potential of, and contributing factors to, a stronger involvement of citizens in the governance of urban climate risk. Key questions to be answered, using both quantitative and qualitative methods, are: What are the alignments and mismatches between municipalities’​ and citizens’ responsibility for climate change adaptation? How have concrete interactions between the two parties played out in the context of adaptation? What kind of institutional efforts mobilize city dwellers’ adaptive capacity and action, and what are the conditions for collaborative arrangements?

The geographical focus is primarily on municipalities in Sweden. I conduct my PhD research in the context of two larger projects: “Increasing societies’ adaptive capacities to climate change: Distributed urban risk governance for achieving sustainable transformation and resilience of cities” and “Implementing the Ecosystem Services Approach at the Municipal level” (ECOSIMP) (see under “Research Projects” below).


With a Master’s degree in Engineering Mathematics from Lund University, my academic background is in mathematical analysis, mathematical modelling and the application of mathematics in different engineering disciplines (mechanics, signals and communication, computer science, etc.).

During the course of my undergraduate studies, I became increasingly interested in interdisciplinary subjects and as a part of my specialisation in Risk Management, I conducted my Master’s thesis based on a case study of an informal settlement (favela) in Brazil. There, I examined both quantitatively and qualitatively the linkages between climate-related risk, social vulnerability, the (informally built) urban environment, and formal education.

In the context of my PhD, I have strengthened my skills in e.g. qualitative methods, systems thinking and theories concerning risk, adaptation, sustainable urban planning and citizen participation, in order to conduct interdisciplinary research.

Research projects

Building Inclusive Urban Communities (BInUCom), 2015-2019. Erasmus+ capacity building project financed by the EU. (Project webpage @University of Twente)

Implementing the Ecosystem Services Approach at the municipal level (ECOSIMP), 2013-2016. Financed by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. (Project webpage in Swedish)

Increasing societies’ adaptive capacities to climate change: Distributed urban risk governance for achieving sustainable transformation and resilience of cities, 2012-2017. Financed by FORMAS. (Project webpage)


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